What’s New, Vegetable Man? – Hieroglyphs of The Soul CD

What`s new with you, Vegetable Man?
They`ve talked about your life,
and no one understands
why you flew away to
a different place and time.

Where are you now, Vegetable Man?
In someone`s book about you?
But no one understands
Why fairy stories can
keep any adult high.

Alone in the sky all blue,
at noon time, with no one looking, no one looking.
But what happened to your vegetable clothes?
Your vegetable shoes?
Your vegetable suit?
Your vegetable hat?
Vegetable man?

Many years ago you taught
your band how to play.
You made them sing the coming music.
You said a world without music is a mistake.

You`ll never answer my pointed question.
It`s a rhetorical question, after all.
But I`ll try to answer it myself,
when the moment arrives.


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