The Melancholic Green of Another Day – Psycho Sacred Music CD

This is the story of a sad village.
A place lost in the colour of time.
When I heard of it, it was too late.
Disappeared from Earth’s pages.

But someone told me, it wasn’t always sad.
It was the village of another day.
Where spoken words have a face.

A child told me it was not too late,
to change the colour of the world.
But I forgot all of those words.
I focused on the green instead.
Mindless, mindless, mindless me.

It was the melancholic green of another day.
Lost in a time no one can find.

The village in question will always be green. Even when the world ends, it will always be green and often sad. But that won’t stop us from loving it forever. Because green knows only how to be green. In the end the children are happy, while everyone is sad. The children will turn the gray sadness into a green that will make the world both happy and sad. But this can only happen once. Because if it happens twice all of the planets will never move again. And this will be the end of time.


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