Portals of an Unsayable Joy – Hieroglyphs of The Soul CD

The weather’s warm, it’s a wonderful day.
I open the door and I am sucked away.
By a feeling that money can’t buy.
Nothing mind altering, except for what I see.

Here are the portals of an unsayable joy.
On the other side there are different faces.
Some small and familiar, others long an unknown.
It doesn’t matter at a time like this.

Time flies by, yet it stands still.
Eager voices egg us on.
And we’re left with a frozen image.
Because the past has collided with the present.

I took everything that I inherited.
Closed the door, turned off the lights.
I want to hear the unsayable joy.
In the merry month of May.

It’s time for some night music,
in a world that no longer needs to be visible.

All I know, is that we posed for a camera,
and then disappeared into the flammable celluloid.


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