Placeless – Hieroglyphs of The Soul CD

Rolling, tumbling, rolling, tumbling, rolling, tumbling, were the final words ever heard.

Clapping, clapping, shouting, shouting, laughing, laughing. Everyone’s so happy, on this day.

As I gaze into the future, I can see the past hurrying toward us.

Let me take you down to our place. No one else can find it on the surface of this Earth.

Rolly, polly. Shimmy, shimmy.Hurdy, gurdy. As we all rejoice, at the end of this day.

This is the biggest party, ever held. When all that is left to do is sing and dance.

No use crying over what never happened to you and me. The signing will erase any unhappy image in our minds. In all our minds.

On the first of May the final season spoke to us. And we were happy, so glad.

Let’s burn the calendars and spread their ashes on our head, and call it feast of the last day.

Everything that was announced has fulfilled itself. There are no secrets left in the world.

Being repentant makes no sense on a day like this. There is no need for forgiveness because time has swallowed itself right up.


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