“Paul Colilli is one those apocryphal figures in Canadian Rock history,” writes Bruce Mowat (G-Mole, Friday, August 19, 2011); and if his “name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen it in reference to Canadian proto-punk legends Simply Saucer,” sayeth Liz Worth (The Radio Forest, March 5, 2012).

Paul Colilli was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, and now resides in Sudbury, Ontario, where he professes an academic vocation. His musical apprenticeship consists of co-founding legendary electro punk rock visionaries Simply Saucer, followed by the Neuroangels and Orpheus in the Underground.

After the musical journey Paul reoriented his life vocation as he moved from creating experimental music to academia. He went on to become a professor, author and lecturer, presently teaching both in Canada and the United States, as an authority on, among other subjects, Dante, angelology, hermeticism, post-theology.

At a certain point, Paul’s severe nostalgia for his musical archaeology ended up alchemically contaminating his ongoing odyssey through the unmarked forests of ancient and modern books.

The result was “Psycho Sacred Music,” Paul’s first formal solo effort released in June, 2011. He describes his songs as either “metaphysical ghost music with a beat” or “psycho Baroque pop.” The album, guides the listener throughout worlds that haunt the many aspects of our daily lives. The tracks on the album unleash a sense of wonder for things that once existed and a feeling of terrifying nostalgia for what has not yet taken place. Paul builds melodies on top of pulsating pianos, mellotron sampling, chiming organs, thrashing guitars, hypnotic rhythms and disarming ambient sounds. Everything is bound together by lyrics that bring the listener to the edge of an intoxicating sound space, lodged somewhere between darkness and light, not unlike a Caravaggio painting reconceptualized by Andy Warhol

The album is available as MP3 downloads on iTunes, Amazon and other on line stores as well.

Praise for Paul Colilli’s “Psycho Sacred Music”
“Psycho Sacred Music is a record that sounds like it’s streaked with silver. It flows with sparks of pop sensibilities and quivers with intimate, sometimes melancholy undertones.” Liz Worth, The Radio Forest, March 5, 2012.
“If you like the scent of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever,’ Syd Barrett, John Cale’s ‘Paris 1919,’ or Eno’s ‘Another Green World,’ you’d be well-served by the bouquet of the 12 songs presented here.” Bruce Mowat, G-Mole, Friday, August 19, 2011.
“The melodies, themes and lyrics are all very exclusive and unforgettable.” Willie Poll, Lambda, Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

The year 2013 sees Paul involved two major projects.

First, together with fellow Simply Saucer co-founders David Byers, Edgar Breau and Kevin Christoff (constituting a musical unit named Saucer73) he is working on an album called “Who Can See the Shadow of the Sun?” slated for release in 2013.

Second, in June 2013 Paul released his second solo album, “Hieroglyphs of the Soul,” at a moment when there is a fascination with the end of times. This collection of music imagines what will happen between now and the final consumption of all things. Not zombies, vampires or apocalyptic visions of the cyber imagination. Rather, Paul paints sonic portraits of the undecipherable signs that have surfaced on the material soul of the world. “Hieroglyphs of the Soul” is a journey into a future that is saturated with the past. What we think is a new present or future moment is in fact the past racing toward us from the future, through the Portals of an Unsayable Joy.